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Sing to Survive?

August 21, 2014 - 6:33pm -- Diablo Women's ... (not verified)

Singing is as ancient as our species. Evolutionary biologists believe that we sang to survive. Groups who bonded over song and who developed the capacity to communicate effectively through song had an advantage. Most religious traditions have a long tradition of singing as a means of connecting with the divine. Whatever your beliefs about our past as a species, there’s no escaping it: singing is our heritage.

In modern-day terms, those of us who sing regularly know how therapeutic it is. In an era when the pace of life seems to increase exponentially, it can be difficult to slow down. When you engage with the music and your fellow singers, you slip seamlessly into the present moment. Day-to-day worries and “to-do” lists fade and you can enjoy the unity of mind, body, and spirit that is possible when you sing.

So… come on down on Monday nights and learn “survival techniques” with the Diablo Women’s Chorale. We always knew that singing made us feel good – now we know why!

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