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Carol Eklund


CAROL EKLUND has been singing almost all of her life.  She began in Elementary School with an after school choir.  Then in High School, Carol sang in the school choir as well as in her church choir.  She began as an alto because that is what was needed.  That experience allowed her to learn to sing inner parts and “read” choral music.  At one point in her 30s Carol took voice at Diablo Valley College and discovered that she was really a soprano!  As an adult she has always sung in the choir of whatever church she was a part of.  Carol eventually took over as choir director in her current church, with much fear and trembling, when the church had no director and Christmas was coming.  She had a bit of training in college on the basics of directing so started with easy music, took whatever workshops she could find, and ended up directing that choir for 25 years.  Because Carol ended up helping every part, her vocal range expanded which was a plus.  She has been a part of the DWC 2015, having been recruited by a former member.  Carol states: "Singing with this group has broadened my music exposure and challenged me to learn new music along with getting to know the wonderful women in this group." Carol has served as Secretary since 2018.

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