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Hillary Dreyfuss

2nd Vice President

HILLARY DREYFUSS inherited her love of singing from her political father who sang with his three brothers in a barbershop quartet. Family myth has it that she knew all the words to her first pro-union song before she could walk. She spent her earliest years singing and dancing to show tunes on the family phonograph and sang soprano in choruses starting in elementary school. She formed her own folk quartet in high school and competed in local hootenannies. After a decades-long break when she only listened to music, she reconnected with singing and has been a member of various choruses and ensembles in the Bay Area, including the Berkeley Broadway Singers, Anything Goes Chorus and Girlfriendz. She currently sings with Tonic, her female jazz trio under the direction of the fabulous Cava Menzies. Elected to the Board in 2017, she looks forward to using her organizational skills to support this wonderful group of singers.

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